Diane  Salguero Marine  Finishes has been serving boat owners in the northern Puget Sound region for more than 25 years.

Because marine finishing work is about both beautifying and protecting vessels in the marine environment, we approach our work with our hearts and eyes on art, and our brains and minds on science.

Our techniques have been honed through years of experience, research, and working with a very broad range of boats and owners.

We use the highest quality products, and apply them with efficient, proprietary skills that make both our owner clients and their vessels happy.

We focus on “everything above the water line,” but we can help owners with project management solutions for any maintenance, restoration, and upgrade need.

Contact us to discuss your project or to schedule a free consultation or estimate.

salgueromarinediane    salgueromarinesummersolsticetopside   salgueromarineventana

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